Celebrating Fragbucket’s release

by ETR @ 27.01.07 (15:27)

By pimping ETR frags! But no really, as read on Warsow.net, Fragbucket.com has been released, and it sports a Warsow Group for all Warsow related video spam! So start upping your avi’d demos, individual frags, fragmovies, trickmovies, anything!
Check out the collection of movies we currently have! And make sure you join the group when signed up! The embed function works pretty nice! 😀


  1. eml:

    Woooh! Fragbucket 🙂
    Worthless frag etter, worthless.

  2. ETR:

    If worthless is finnish for triple airrox, then yeah. IT IS! :p

  3. T-B0N3:

    i joined group and added u to friend list 😀

  4. raelz:

    yeah im gonna add this all to the wiki… but it will take some time 😛

  5. AgamemnonZ:

    What programs do you guys use to make a .avi/.mpg or w/e of your demos?!

  6. ETR:

    demoavi -> first set cl_demoavi_fps (to 30 for instance)
    Then in-demo you type demoavi in console and it will start dumping jpgs/tgas in basewsw/avi. Then use a program like VirtualDub to turn the pics into a movie :). More info on Warsow wiki

  7. Gnom:

    travel bcdz search loy:\n

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