CDC4 – The ETR report

by ETR @ 03.03.08 (23:01)

Day 1

marrkStarting out on Friday, I sadly couldn’t make it on time. Shamefully having emailed all participants to be present at around 11 am, I managed to show up at 7.10 pm! Unfortunately, I didn’t miss much at all, because there were no PC’s available for Warsow! Can you imagine, people taking their fridays off, leaving their girlfriends sick at home, only to show up on the other side of Holland, at the border of the end of the world, to find out there was no possibility of actually playing matches! Sad times.

Anyway! I met up with the usual suspects (tourneys are beginning to feel like reunions, in a good way); h1o, marrk, scoobz, jannis, A_Spec and Rikku, with special-guest star, all the way from Germany – mister pillz – also known as pielz, pillemann, pillzemann, or anything in between. Potatoes and Poki are his best friends, more on that later.

We did nothing at all except for hanging around a bit this first day (poor h1o had been there since Thursday night, the others came fashionably late like myself too). We realized djevil wasn’t going to come (no hard feelings) so the right thing to do would be to call up zkyp and bug him to no end to let him play the next day (he was visiting on Saturday). And so we did. After initially not having succeeded, we gave ollipop a ring (zkyp’s roommate who was coming along too), only to have zkyp answering his phone too, at which point we had no choice but to force him to play. He gave in. I forced him to come around 1 pm on Saturday, to be able to start on time.

zkypHanging around always comes to an end in the evening, and having arranged nothing for sleeping places at all, we had to resort to marrk’s creative mastermind. Marrk’s creative mastermind came up with a plan of squatting the house of our parents (for the record; me and marrk are brothaz from tha same motha. And fatha), because they were in France. Seemed like a cool plan, with scoobz’ car, Rikku living near wzzrd, and h1o having a place to sleep and make love with all fellow pudgy porky cod4 players (no disrespect here). 5 Warsowians, 1 house, what could possibly be wrong about that!?

So! Time to sleep was upon us, and doing a quick round of maths, we’d figured it’d be best if we’d split up the group for maximum comfort, meaning me and jannis took the train home, and scoobz, pillz and marrk went to our parents place by car.

I don’t exactly recall at what time we arrived, we were all pretty tired, but having played nothing at all, we brought down one pc and played some duels with scoobz’ laptop. Twas fun. After that, we divided the beds and went to sleep. The inseparable duo Pillz und Poki took the living room, jannis and scoobz went upstairs, and marrk and me squatted our own rooms after beating the PiC boys in a game of foosball.

Day 2

And so comes the next day, having set the alarm at around 11 am (if I recall correctly) we were all pretty much up and about around 1 pm (gamer lifestyle) for the ride to wzzrd. Sadly due to poor scheduling, we were forced to our dailyimage027.jpg mcdonalds break. These mcdonalds breaks have made a lasting impression on me, and have awaken a deep fear of German cuisine in me. We all were having a hard time eating at mcdonalds after waking up, but Pillz tops it off by ordering 3 large portions of fried potatoes, throwing them in one bag, and actually taking around half an hour to eat them all, while dipping them in barbecue sauce and sucking/chewing on them for a couple of minutes. Jannis and me were forced to rock-paper-scissors for the one who had to sit next to our German friend. Jannis lost.

scoobz @ carAnd ofcourse we came in way too late at wzzrd! Thank god we could compensate our lazy lateness by bringing in our own CRT monitors. That’s right! There were only TFT’s this time around, but Warsowians aren’t forced to new technology that easily! We stuffed 5 people and 2 monitors into scoobz’ petite car. Scoobz had a 19″ screen on his lap. I was covered under a pile of bags and backpacks, and the 2nd monitor was in the back of the car. Properly overweighted, we had the most uncomfortable drive ever.

pillz vs h1oThen we finally got into wzzrd around 3 or 4 pm, met up with zkyp, ollipop and Raida (UT player), set up our pc’s, and basically started out gaming right away. We were one-and-a-half-day behind schedule, so we had better get some games played. Then suddenly I fell into a hole-in-time, and when I managed to climb out of the hole it was 3 am. By that time it seemed we had finished all of our games of the day, having left the loserbracket final and the grand final for Sunday. Happy times. Beer drinking times. We stayed to chill a bit, and then left for the Warsow Bros. Parents Place again. We got home at around 4.30am, and being true and shameless geeks in a gathering, we watched some Quadv streams together (God…), Pillz introduced us to Poki, and then hit the sack. End of day 2!

Day 3

Hitting the sack late, getting up early (11ish) resulted in another difficult journey to the east, with another potatoe-in-car-session by Pillz. We came in pretty late (finals were scheduled for 3 pm, we got there around 2.30 pm, with the loserbracket to be played). Luckily our experience allowed us to not care so much, as ‘schedules’ are very dynamic anyway, Friday being it’s best proof.jannis

We let jannis and h1o warm up for the game, and managed to get the loserbracket final played. With alot of communication back-and-forth about finals and casts, we managed to squeeze in the Warsow finals after some qw, cod, or et game (who knows? ;D). Sadly the match didn’t get casted in the bar,

but on the 2nd stream (meaning A_Spec up in the Quadv lounge by himself 😉 ). Anyway, you should all know, the games were very intense and nice to watch. Words and whine being thrown back and forth between the players only livelied up the games.

Sadly the server-admin on the scene was the stereotypical serveradmin type, the overweight one, black-shirt and jeans wearing social handicapped virgin, stuck in a windowless room for 3 days straight. So after some ‘rigid’ cooperation througout the tourney (I actually got him to raise his voice to me), we didn’t get the serverdemo’s. We were all tired after the finals, and there were alot of other games scheduled, so we decided to bail out on the prize ceremony. After greeting and thanking A_Spec for his part of the job, we headed home.



All in all it really was a great event. The tourney didn’t went smooth at all, the organisation from crossfire was far from well settled, communication was difficult… But with the cooperation and willingness of all the Warsow players (come on, we even got zkyp to play) we managed to enjoy ourselves, with our own game, CRTs and people.

ETRThe sleepover party and roadtrip style-travelling was real nice too, and I’m happy we made it again. Big thanks to all warsowians participating, A_Spec for his superb work, Cash for helping out every now and then, ollipop for battling mc’s, Raida for having once owned me in UT2k4 TAM, and so on. I’m gonna post some movies I made with my phone later (introducing Pillz’ buddy Poki to the masses). CU@Next LAN (UK anyone? 🙂 ).


Crossfire Gallery
marrk’s Gallery


Demos (MVD!)


  1. Mokshu:

    nice stuff I loved it

  2. goochie:

    there was no ganja?

  3. kalorie:


  4. ETR:

    there was ganja, in small doses tho because we were forced to smoke outside :E (it was coldish).

  5. eml:

    Nice read ETR, I’m sorry I missed the event (economical reasons), some Finnish SISU spirit would’ve made it twice better! 😉

    Anyways, did pillz introduce poki to you after poki had already slept at your parents’ place? "Pillz und Poki took the living room" on day 1, but you were introduced you to him on day 2? Sorry, these little details bug me! 🙂

  6. triple:


  7. ETR:

    eml: for poki you’ll have to await the vid, but to answer your question – at that time (day1) I didn’t know Poki was in the living room with Pillz… : D

  8. Videl:

    etr <3

  9. 36:

    sounds great 😉 shame I didn’t go. Nice read.

  10. Evil^Smurf:

    i would love to see a WarSow LAN in the UK i would deffinately have to make a trip to that one!

  11. pillz:

    you all suck ;D
    man nice story about cdc4!

  12. h:

    dont take my iview serious plx

  13. zkyp:


  14. 36:

    evil smurf

  15. sepht:

    zkyp saves wsw? maybe!

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