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Warsow LAN history (5)

by h1o @ 31.08.09 (18:36)

After the Dash4Cash LAN in Paris, France. I thought it would be nice to see a little bit of Warsow history. Warsow’s LAN history. If there is a LAN not showing in the list please notify me, I want to have a list of attending players, link to website and if possible a gallery. It also does not matter if it was just a fun meeting (Warsow.NL LAN) or a more serious LAN (CDC3), just as long as there has been a duel tournament.


Warsow on Sony Ericsson P990i (5)

by lokirulez @ 13.03.08 (13:47)

As posted by Wildkater:

ETR’s uncle (3)

by RUDIRUDISCHER @ 16.01.08 (15:39)

Graus family has always been known for being plain cool.


I just wanna celebrate! (5)

by lokirulez @ 23.11.07 (17:40)

A star is born.

Team Zissou bootcamp (5)

by zkyp @ 11.04.07 (5:50)

Always wanted to be as good at moving as ETR? Always wanted to have style like tom? Have lame EB aim like zkyp? The secret behind all of our so called “skillz” can be found here

TakHus (1)

by V-DecK @ 10.04.07 (1:41)

Team jump-it and Germany zEvon just released their new trickjumping movie project TakHus. After his two prior movies Pure Motion and Loxer V1 zEvon definitely presents us his best creation up to now.

The movie wights 323mb, plays 9:40 minutes and is compressed in Xvid at a resolution of 720p high definition stardard. zEvon also added a small goodie by adding two different audio themes as soundtrack.
#zEvon @ quakenet

Download Mirrors: 1 (c|M) 2 ( 3 (own3D) 4 (Jump-it)

Guwashi showcases Warsow Skills! (1)

by ETR @ 09.02.07 (17:13)

Heh, I remember the demopack I downloaded of the Japanese BigLAN #5, the first official LAN to feature War§ow with cashprizes, held in Japan, November 3rd to 5th, 2006. It was the first time the Japanese War§ow scene got in the spotlight, but since, alot has happened! The stability of the community has been proven, with more (online) competitions throughout, the joining of Guwashi to the War§ow Devteam, the occaissional popping up of Japan War§ow Starz fumio and bluespear on the warsow IRC channel.

Now Guwashi shows the development of the game in Japan, and especially the development of skillz, in his latest video “ESW 2007 Season 1 #1 Warsow Frag Movie“. Check it out! Or download it at the Esports Gamers website, the host of the competition this movie has taken it’s frags from!

Raceathon Episode 1 – The K0li0 Menace (1)

by ETR @ 08.02.07 (0:16)

SNP (the man behind the long awaited First Contact fragmovie) recently wasted precious editting time on this latest project (hah I’m actually kidding about the wasting! :P), a movie showcasing the recently held Raceathon race competition.

It’s well worth a watch, so click below, or download the movie (x264 codec, 140mb size), if you want to enjoy it in as-good-as-it-gets-quality (hey, no hate to Fragbucket here!). Also check out the ESReality Thread.

K0Li0 is the big star of the movie, after winning the contest and earning his lead role in SNP’s movie. Hooray to him, hooray to SNP, hooray to Raceathon, and roll on, Raceathon2! Now before you’re off to watch it, let’s hear some quotes from the people involved:

(23:58:39) (UKESN`on|K0L) <3
(23:58:44) (UKESN`on|K0L) fanboys everywhere

(00:07:50) (GreenBastard) hope ur frag one is as good 🙂
(00:07:57) (SNP) better
(00:08:01) (GreenBastard) 0/
(00:08:01) (SNP) much better imo

That’s it, you heard it! Now off you go, watch that son-of-a!

Celebrating Fragbucket’s release (7)

by ETR @ 27.01.07 (15:27)

By pimping ETR frags! But no really, as read on, has been released, and it sports a Warsow Group for all Warsow related video spam! So start upping your avi’d demos, individual frags, fragmovies, trickmovies, anything!
Check out the collection of movies we currently have! And make sure you join the group when signed up! The embed function works pretty nice! 😀