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Lovesow Bomb League (1)

by h1o @ 17.03.10 (21:57)

The Lovesow Bomb League (LBL) needs your help!
More info here


Valentine’s day (2)

by dendrofil @ 09.02.10 (14:01)

Dear miss §, you kept my mind from expensive consoles and stupid reality shooters since the day I met you. Sometimes your acting wierd when your hormoes purposeless rush back and forth in your upscaled veins. Sometimes it feels like your sleeping more then your awake. But even then, in those dark times I promise to forever hold you dear, care for you and wait by your side until you stand up again. New temptations, such as the newly selected and at first so tempting Queen could not even get her clothes off before I came turned to you again. Besides, later it turned out that she was even more corrupt then her mother.

Yours faithfully.

Holy Sign-up List, Batman! (4)

by goochie @ 07.02.10 (16:00)

Next Lovesow Pickup Cup: Gametype Vote (11)

by h1o @ 18.01.10 (0:54)

Vote here for what gametype you would like to see in the next pickup cup!
The date for the new PUG cup will be announced soon.

Lovesow Cup #3

  • Bomb (46%, 31 Votes)
  • TDM (27%, 18 Votes)
  • CTF: Tactics (9%, 6 Votes)
  • CTF (9%, 6 Votes)
  • King of the Hill (9%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 67

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Lovesow cups where!? (0)

by ETR @ 08.01.10 (22:05)

Looking for h1o’s cups?

Go to http://cup.lovesow.net/

Latest rumour: zEvons next movie? (0)

by ETR @ 02.01.10 (22:25)

After over a year of life with no computer, zEvon is back with a brand new computer! Latest rumour from a very reliable source is he’s going to start on a NEW freestyle movie THIS WEEK. You’re not excited yet? Let me refresh your memory of zEvon’s style and skills:

Even better, zEvon told this extremely reliable source that during his year of absence, he’s learnt alot of new stuff! So…

Warsowians: get freestylin’ & prepare for sending in demos!

Warsow Fuel (4)

by goochie @ 20.12.09 (20:08)

Warsow Fuel

Warsow LAN history (5)

by h1o @ 31.08.09 (18:36)

After the Dash4Cash LAN in Paris, France. I thought it would be nice to see a little bit of Warsow history. Warsow’s LAN history. If there is a LAN not showing in the list please notify me, I want to have a list of attending players, link to website and if possible a gallery. It also does not matter if it was just a fun meeting (Warsow.NL LAN) or a more serious LAN (CDC3), just as long as there has been a duel tournament.


Dash4Cash (7)

by h1o @ 28.08.09 (1:55)

Hello Warsownians,

I will try to give you the best possible coverage of the Dash4Cash duel tournament and any other interesting things happening at the Milk LAN center in Paris! This is my first time working with Word Press and first time writing on www.lovesow.net so wish me luck.

1. Dash4Cash General information
2. Group Stage
3. Playoffs
4. Final Standings
5. Gallery
6. Dash4Cash Demo Pack

1. Dash4Cash General information

Dash4Cash is a Warsow LAN in Paris, France. It is hosted by 3 French Warsow players: Klice, BlancheNeige and Sady with help from various other people from the Warsow community. It evolved from a French Warsow meeting to an international LAN, after more and more people outside off France started to show interest in paying a visit to Paris.

The main tournament for the LAN will be duel. With a nice chunk of the donation money up for grabs, a dozen of very skilled Warsow players going all ready to fight for a place in the top 3. They will be joined by true Warsownians who might not be as good in duel as them, but they sure have the same amount of love for the game.

A legion of foreigners will land in the Milk LAN center. With players representing 6 different countries. From Germany  reload, loxer and sic_mUnky will be the players to watch. Sadly enough BoBel could no longer manage to come and try to claim an other Warsow title. We also see three strong Polacks, namely  Daxio, s4nd and psychoum8 they all have a completely different playing style from each other and can definitely cause an upset. Coming from the Netherlands is Warsow oldschooler  Scoobz0r and myself h1o. From the North two vikings will land in France the infamous GoReY and one of Warsow most loved players  Falconer! GoReY is someone every player needs to look out for in the playoffs. Last but not least we have the home team:  Sady, GoHLinK and QuakeLive star Link1n. Although we lost Sady to QL she can still hit a rocket or two, being seductive as she is, she managed to pursued Link1n to come and try Warsow! What can you say about GoHLinK? He has insane aim, experience on LAN and is good in more than 1 game, a definite candidate for top3 or maybe even the title.

The tournament maps are: acidwdm2, wdm2, wdm3, wdm5 and wdm14.

WarsowTV ip: connect fuckingfrogs.fr:44440

Funny how things change (1)

by V-DecK @ 27.08.09 (13:05)


In appreciation of the 0.5 release.