Bamboocha needs your love.

by mikey @ 23.02.07 (12:36)

Hey there.

As you saw on (or not) Bamboocha Cups break till warsow v0.3.
We just want to get some feedback from the Community.

What was good, what was bad?
What would you like to see if we launch again? (beside wswtv ;))
How can we improve?

answer here or (prefered) @

Feel free to criticize or just say some cool words!

In the meanwhile, stay bamboocha! 🙂



  1. ETR:

    Love bamboocha, keep up the good work! I have no concrete suggestions for you, I liked how the cup went, and I’m sure you’ll see alot of activity with 0.3! Good luck with the rest of bamboocha 🙂

  2. thelawenforcer:

    see u soon bamboocha ;(((

  3. lokirulez:

    We took the time and community’s feedback to do some changes. We’ll a two bracket system and bo3. Check full news bamboocha takes a short break.

  4. ETR:

    I kinda liked the ezness of bo1 for the first couple of matches. Then again I never played so I haven’t got much to say :P. But I’ll try to come back into duelling after 0.3 🙂 (already getting bashed around loads by chas :D).

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