A cat came into my garden today

by MysTikal @ 25.04.07 (16:42)

… and isnt leaving. She is my neighbours’ cat. She has just come into my garden before I left this morning, and she hasnt left since. She keeps trying to come into my house whenever I open the door.

I went out there with some food and some toys. She played with the toys, ate some food, then came over to me. She pushed herself against my legs, started purring, so I stroked her and picked her up. The strangest bit is, my 1st cat died a few weeks ago, leaving me with only 1 left (a tomcat called pebbles). She looks and acts exactly like him. I can’t let her in my house because my other cat will probably go crazy at her. Took some pics with a crappy cameraphone:


What should I do? She isnt leaving and keeps miaowing when she can’t see me.

EDIT: Her owner has just come over, she got the cat and took it back. 🙂


  1. nVc:

    have a black one here that does the same, its climbed through the upstairs window from a 7 foot jump and iv had to get out the shower to carry her back out.

  2. V-DecK:

    Kick it in the head

  3. Cervix:

    give it some food and hope that once you’ve fed him enough it will become your cat 😀

  4. Cervix:

    oh, and kick your own cat whenever he’s bullying the new kitty

  5. Icaros:

    seems cute 🙂

  6. SNP:

    I see a some true lovin’ here!! 😀

  7. Cervix:

    love my own gray cuty kitty, ahhhh, you so pwetty kitty 😛

  8. V!ct!M:

    She looks like quite big cat 🙂

  9. KuhJoe:

    she’ll come over more often now for a little snack. miaaoooow =)

  10. Cervix:

    too bad she came to pick em up 😥

  11. ETR:

    fry it

  12. micros:

    Eat it.

  13. kalorie:

    BEAT IT!

  14. goochie:

    Hi cat!

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