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WarsowTV reinvented (0)

by ETR @ 14.02.10 (21:37)

Send your demos! (0)

by ETR @ 12.02.10 (22:11)

Valentine’s day (2)

by dendrofil @ 09.02.10 (14:01)

Dear miss §, you kept my mind from expensive consoles and stupid reality shooters since the day I met you. Sometimes your acting wierd when your hormoes purposeless rush back and forth in your upscaled veins. Sometimes it feels like your sleeping more then your awake. But even then, in those dark times I promise to forever hold you dear, care for you and wait by your side until you stand up again. New temptations, such as the newly selected and at first so tempting Queen could not even get her clothes off before I came turned to you again. Besides, later it turned out that she was even more corrupt then her mother.

Yours faithfully.

#Lovesow pickup cup vote (7)

by h1o @ 08.02.10 (17:19)

Hello fans and friends of the Warsow culture,

After the great succes of my bomb pickup cup last Sunday, I am putting up the vote for the new one. I will announce the date as soon as I know it myself. I hope this pickup cup will be as great a succes as the last one! See you soon.

What gametype should I use for my next pickup cup?

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Holy Sign-up List, Batman! (4)

by goochie @ 07.02.10 (16:00)