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Warsow and the AGP Tour (1)

by ETR @ 25.05.08 (16:13)

In an attempt to push some of the activity on Lovesow, and using it for what it’s intended (:P), let’s discuss the latest big news in Warsow land: The announcement of the Association of Gaming Professionals (AGP) Tour!

AGP Tour - Coming soon


Lovesow dev update! (3)

by ETR @ (13:53)

Trying to support this page a bit, I added the option to add Polls! Means if you need the opinion of Warsowians on maplists, gametypes for competitions or other Warsow-related stuff, make a poll! Embed polls in your post by creating them in the admin panel and typing the poll id in your posts to display it. The latest poll will also be displayed in the sidebar!

Next to that, I have added a new category, called ‘Spam‘. If you need to promote your competition, your website, your map in the making, or anything else; make a Spam post!

Lovesow Mobile! (4)

by ETR @ 23.05.08 (15:14)

Yeahh, taking Warsow community blogging to the next level! just got Web3.0-ized!

After getting my 24/7 internet connection on my sweet HTC S710 (which supports push email, multiple accounts, windows live services integrated), and discovering the amazing world of mobile websites, I figured lovesow couldn’t stay behind! Having the frontpage weighing in at a fat ~100/200kb, my phone was struggling with opening it.

Enter WordPress Mobile! A very easy to use plugin, mobilizing your wordpress blog! After toying around with the css, check out the result: