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KIKOOOOOO SLK_FMLY !!!!!!!!!!! :o)))))) (3)

by goochie @ 28.02.08 (19:48)


ning with us! (0)

by ETR @ (0:19)

Warsow dating community!

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Go register and upload a photo of you brushing your teeth! Thanks.


by ETR @ 07.02.08 (19:24)




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Vicious is Vicious (2)

by Cervix @ 02.02.08 (15:58)


Updatesow! (1)

by ETR @ 01.02.08 (14:10)

In the past couple of days I’ve updated quite a bit on lovesow. After first losing the custom default theme (with an update of wordpress, dont fiddle around with default theme and then update wordpress), and having Lovesow use the new default lame theme for a couple of days/weeks (can’t remember). I’ve finally found an old backup of the custom theme back (on another pc), renamed it/put it in a new folder, and started tweaking it.

The posts should be less cluttered now (no categories, messy dates, but all info on the post under the title, with amount of comments right next to it instead of under the post, etc.). Probably not things you’ll notice, but anyway! To hell with default kubrick theme, go on custom lovesow kubrick theme!

Also, I’ve pimped the sidebar with some widgets, such as the wonderfully nostalgic ‘Random Fun’ (5 random posts), the wall-of-fame list of usernames with amount of posts. Anyway that´s it, just a heads up and a little still-alive-and-kicking-post. Keep the content coming!



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