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Let me tell you about my truck (5)

by marrk @ 29.09.07 (13:10)

ETR is moving. marrk is helping. But ETR rented a fkn truck instead of a van.
But all in all… big pimping.

Where is BRUNS? (39)

by MysTikal @ 25.09.07 (23:16)

Has anyone seen him recently? He’s been idle on IRC for 5 days and his nick is still ‘BRUNSisatCDC3’.. 😐

Empty :( (11)

by goochie @ 19.09.07 (0:56)



by RUDIRUDISCHER @ 14.09.07 (19:42)

16.8.07:[19:22:22] <@ETR> IK BEN ROFFA

16.8.07:[19:22:23] <@ETR> IK BEN ROFFA

16.8.07:[19:22:23] <@ETR> IK BEN ROFFA

16.8.07:[19:22:24] <@ETR> IK BEN ROFFA

11.9.07:[16:00:29] <@ETRAWAY> alles wat ik doe is roffa

13.9.07:[16:02:10] <@ETRAWAY> ik ben roffa ; }

14.9.07: [20:32:57] <@ETR> tja, ik ben roffa

and there is no end in sight.

BAI WDM2 (8)

by goochie @ 09.09.07 (11:12)


sepht knows (1)

by ETR @ 07.09.07 (4:43)

(05:39:36) (sepht) ETRafk: I think you’re my fav .nl-er
(05:39:40) (+ETRafk) omg
(05:39:43) (+ETRafk) what great honour
(05:39:45) (+ETRafk) let me celebrate
(05:39:51) (sepht) ETRafk: you beat zkyp!
(05:39:52) (+ETRafk) with excessive alcohol
(05:39:55) (+ETRafk) omg no
(05:39:56) (Nevermind`) haha
(05:39:59) (+ETRafk) i will quote you on this one
(05:40:02) (+ETRafk) zkyp will cry
(05:40:03) (+ETRafk) CRY
(05:40:05) (+ETRafk) CRY HARD
(05:40:06) (sepht) I knows
(05:40:07) (+ETRafk) ALL NIGHT LOOONG
(05:40:11) (Nevermind`) etr is good?
(05:40:12) (sepht) get him his chicken suit
(05:40:15) (sepht) it’ll make him feel better
(05:40:16) (Nevermind`) news to me.
(05:40:17) (Nevermind`) ;/


They are many… (0)

by lokirulez @ 02.09.07 (17:32)

…and they have a plan.

Tons of gamers (the wannabee pro who want to make a gaming carrier) are waiting for big warsow tournaments before getting seriously into it. This could happen sooner than you can imagine. At least, we’re working on it =)

by SoLomoNK.

So, tons of wannabee pros who want to make a gaming carrier, message me anytime in #warsownews with 1v1 mid++high- got server, NOW!.