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Warsow TV W.I.P. (3)

by ETR @ 31.08.07 (20:25)

getting there…

Warsow TV

Warsow Radio on Lovesow (3)

by ETR @ 17.08.07 (14:08)

Yeah that’s right! After spotting‘s funky widgets, I decided to put up the’s Warsow Group‘s radio on Lovesow, for your streaming pleasure! It’s hard to miss, on the righthand side of this post. Ofcourse, like yourself, I am disgusted by the lack of french hiphop, minimal techno, jazzy hiphop and cool electronical music. Anyway, it made sense to me to put up the community’s radio station on a community blog 8). But please, go ahead and make an account on, join the Warsow group, and do your best to push out some of that horrible emocore, metal and punkrock! Aiaiaiaiaiaa §§§§

Educate them, stupid! (1)

by hangy @ 12.08.07 (18:49)

Our good old polish friend Carmac from the GGL wrote a nice column on why making complex games more simple is not the way to gain more spectators on TV or similar old-fashioned media. This is a must-read for everyone who thinks he/she understands e-sport or simply does not like the Championshitp Gayming Series. 😉

Whatever you say about the Koreans and the Chinese, they are not from another planet. Like you, they like to eat, drink, have sex and play videogames.

Yay! 😎

micros doing what he’s doing best. (2)

by RUDIRUDISCHER @ (12:39)

[13:31:46] -kntz@#warsow.pickup- Please !add up in #warsow.pickup !!! 1 more IDLER needed!
[13:31:54] <@CTF\micros> kntz, stop it …
[13:31:58] <@CTF\micros> !pickups
[13:31:58] * echbot8 changes topic to ”
[13:32:01] <@CTF\micros> damn

[13:37:41] * CTF\micros changes topic to ‘echbot broken … stay tuned’

kaloriePC II Ordered ;D (2)

by RUDIRUDISCHER @ 01.08.07 (17:41)

kaloriePC II

Total: €852,90

Warsow 0.4 menu hacked (2)

by lokirulez @ (17:16)

This menu shot was leaked by kntz. Where is WarsowTV? All lies. Bad quality of the shot, tho. Maybe WarsowTV menu link somewhere in the middle of left-rightish.

But remember: You leak, you die.