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Warsow.NL LAN was GREAT! (6)

by ETR @ 20.06.07 (1:17)

Yes it was, plenty of games, a nice duelcup (gratz scoobz0r), a great afterparty in Amsterdam, where AgamemnonZ taught a random drunk dude bunnyhopping (isn’t the scene the most friendly community ever?).

Anyway, for more coverage, see the following links: frontpage forums writeup



Complete Gallery on Lovesow (all the photos taken)

And ofcourse the video I made out of the footage marrk has shot of the drunk guy:

(uneditted video)

n4bik’s sikrit (11)

by micros @ 16.06.07 (20:38)

ETRdezjedm18 (5)

by ETR @ 12.06.07 (10:22)

This is a very old TDM map layout dezje drew for me ages ago. My first semi-serious-attempt at mapping, which failed horribly due to:

a) Constant changing of architecture (the plans changed with every new test of running around we did ๐Ÿ‘ฟ ), leaving me with the most messy technical state of a map ever.

b) Trying to improve visual details at a too early state in the mapping proces.

Which led to the map not being finished. Evar. It’s very old. Very, very old. Some day I might remake it completely otherwise dezje will be upset. BTW the map is orange. And unlit (I mean I added in temporary crap lights ;D). You can run around in it tho! It was a usefull experience.


[Download ETRdezjedm18.pk3]

Click on read more for some screenies!


Dont listen to ETR (10)

by ETR @ 09.06.07 (13:52)

[14:50] <warsowNL|ETR> kalorie do /nick qnet
[14:50] <kalorie> ๐Ÿ™‚
[14:50] <kalorie> :-))))
[14:50] <kalorie> [14:50:15] quakenet Erroneous Nickname
[14:50] <warsowNL|ETR> thelawenforcer free cookies for /nick qnet
[14:50] * kalorie is now known as qnet
[14:50] <warsowNL|ETR> ๐Ÿ˜€
[14:50] <warsowNL|ETR> cu
[14:50] <FF|VICEK> nur zwei kalorien
[14:50] * warsowNL|ETR slaps qnet around a bit with a large trout
[14:50] <warsowNL|ETR> hej
[14:50] <qnet> hey
[14:50] <warsowNL|ETR> why dont you get glined :<
[14:50] * qnet ( Quit (G-lined)
[14:50] <warsowNL|ETR> ahahaha
[14:50] <FF|VICEK> :D:D
[14:50] <FF|VICEK> ๐Ÿ˜€
[14:50] <hangy> lol
[14:50] <wrld|KuhJoe> hehe