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Warsow EuroCup XV Shoutcasts & Stream (7)

by V-DecK @ 29.05.07 (10:25)

A_Spec from QuadV will be shoutcasting (non-stream) two matches of the first round playoffs Clanbase EC 1v1. Those matches will be:

vinski vs. law
BoBel vs. LockdoG
which are played Tue 29 May 20:00 CET and Sun 03 Jun 22:00 CET respectively will have shoutcast on the following links:

Window Media Player
Real Player

Also n4bik from Headshot Media will have a live shoutcast and stream Saturdays Match between V!ct!M and Scoob.
Here is a link for the match and stream info: … p;lid=3021

Lol… (3)

by Llama @ 27.05.07 (5:49)


Dutch ESWC Weekend photoreport (10)

by ETR @ 23.05.07 (20:57)

As some of you might know, last weekend, War§ow team’s marrk, hangy and ETR went to the Dutch ESWC Qualifier’s at WZZRD Gamecafé in enschede. Being invited by Qpad‘s Tazz, we had the oppurtunity to show the ESWC visitors and attendants Warsow, on a Qpad PC, customized by Qpad|Snakez. It was a great day, where we spoke to alot of people, and were able to do a bit of promotion for Warsow. We met up with the Qpad guys, snakez, Tazz and Vlad. here follows an outtake of Tazz’ gallery.


An extract from idle conversation between warsow characters… (4)

by sjn|Azrael @ (20:56)

Monada: So then, I jumped off the wall and into his face!
Silverclaw: Heh, that’s nothing. You should’ve seen my midair skillz last night!
Monada: Oh, hey, Viciious. Didn’t see ya there.
Silverclaw: Me either. Hey, what’s that blue shiny thing you’ve got there?
Viciious: Oh, this? It’s just the new gunblade. I picked it up this morning at that little respawn point in town. (more…)

The Curse of Trailer (5)

by raelz @ (20:55)

Don’t you know Trailer?
from raelzpedia:

“Trailer is evil god which descends on earth every 1000 thousand years. The scientists forecast his arrival to the year 2011, but they were probably mistaken.”

Lets look at the reason:

Part one – fantasy and his Warsownage
Do you remember warsownage? Maybe you do, it was a really very nice lookin fragmovie. And when fantasy released the trailer, everybody just couldn’t catch breath – it was so amazing, a lot better than any other fragmovie seen before (well, nealz’s promotional was good, but it was abit old). Everything was fine, fantasy was posting alot and doing nicely. Then, few days after his last post, he disappeared from wsw community. Although he can be found somewhere, he can’t talk about the movie coz Trailer made him not to do so (at least it looks like that you know :P)

Part two – impulZ and impulZive movie – airgeiz
You probably won’t remember this one. It wasn’t as popular, due to trailer (which was actually first thing released about the movie) with low fps. Although the music was nice, ppl were not as excited (ofc they WERE, but not AS MUCH). But they still sent demos.
But what happened then? You might know, you might just think and find answer yourself:
Movie was not finished
Why? impulZ said he is lazy or something like that. The truth is that he was put to silence by The Trailer

Part three – DebrisShot – A Dash Of Spice
“UNBELIEVEABLE SPEED” and “OUTRAGEOUS FRAGS”! Do you remember? Now, ofc you don’t, you have too much of 0.3 in your mind. This was trailer by DebrisShot. I must say I did not like it, sorry Debris, but anyway, many ppl did. The problem is I don’t really remember what happened to this movie, but the truth is already known. I do know it, you do aswell, right?

Part threeandahalf – absolutelyunknown movie onoez
I dno whats that, I found it somewhere on net, wasn’t a amazing one, wasn’t a known one (its not even on forum!), but it was trailer with no full movie…

Part four – First Contact
What should I tell you… in fact, this is the reason why i wrote the truth. I can only tell you my personal feelings – at first, I was amazed by the trailer. I knew it will be the movie that will make everybody at least try warsow and it will forever stay in my memory (maybe even as the first of my TOP10 from warsow). Few minutes later, I raelized – IT IS TRAILER, YOU DUMBASS.
I was skeptic, you know i was. But as the time went, i found that snp will do everything to get it released. So I waited… and waited
Everybody was nervous, no FC, right? Where is FC, I WANT FC. And then the forum post came. I am sad and I am not willing to speak about it… you can read it yourself.

Part five – the future a.k.a zEvon
zEvon (:-*)
We all know him, we all like him (RIGHT?). Most of his movies are very good and they are the best you can see in warsow. The truth is, that as I know zEvon (ok, its the internet, i CANT know anybody via internet, but still..) it makes me sure that the movie will come.
In fact he will completely destroy the nonexistence evil god of Trailer and finally bring us to the light side of the warcho0o

Gl zEvon, euphoria will surely rox, there is nothing to stop you, other than your own death :/ is live! ;D (4)

by ETR @ 22.05.07 (1:45)

(02:00:21) —› nick: (ChooChoo-ETR) is now known as (WarsowNL|ETR)
(02:34:52) (@WarsowNL|ETR) WWW.WARSOW.NL
(02:34:53) (@WarsowNL|ETR) :E
(02:40:35) (+sepht) I’d expect nothing less from you
(02:41:04) (@WarsowNL|ETR) =E
(02:41:09) (@WarsowNL|ETR) i whipped up that logo in 20mins
(02:41:14) (@WarsowNL|ETR) and installed punbb ;D
(02:41:32) (+sepht) expected a lovesow post :-/
(02:41:42) (+sepht) but I go and see nothing
(02:42:02) (@WarsowNL|ETR) hmm
(02:42:13) (@WarsowNL|ETR) you’re right

And so it happened! Check out (thanks DJiTH for the re-direct ;D), we stole forums template! Oh, and we hopefully have a dutch Warsow LAN coming up soon! Stay chooned 🙂

(14:26:46) (eml) Anything special about this site? Gonna add sth more?
(14:27:09) (eml) Special plans? ;D
(14:27:48) (ETR) NEVAR.
(14:27:50) (ETR) : d
(14:28:01) (ETR) I’ve stolen enough material
(14:28:09) (ETR) from lovesow and
(14:29:04) (eml) Not much to write about it then
(14:29:07) (eml) YOU DON’T DESERV A POST
(14:29:12) (eml) deserve*
(14:29:16) (ETR) true :o)

Warsow 0.3 released (5)

by ETR @ 16.05.07 (2:22)

Hello gamers !

SoLomoNK: “Everything always comes in right time for those who can wait”. That what we use to say in France. And here it is, after months and months of hard work, and after a long final rush, War§ow 0.3 out =).

That’s right, War§ow 0.3 is finally among us! For the changes, see this little summary of the changelog:

– Added Clan Arena (CA) gametype,
– New maps (CA : 1, CTF : 1, Duel : 6, TDM : 1),
– Revisited maps (wdm1, wdm6, wctf1, wdm5),
– New weapon and armor models,
– New weapon fx,
– New animations for player models and weapons,
– New player model (Jason padpork),
– New simple items,
– Added Coach system for teambased gametypes,
– Revised armor system,
– Tweaked weapon settings,
– And much more, just look at the complete changelog for all details.

No kidding! Finally, the time has come! Read more on the website, check out the pimped concept and media pages, check out the presspack, see the ESR post… 0.3 is live! And you know it! Get your 0.3 now. Happy 0.3 Day to all 😀 :D. Digg this motherfucker! :>

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ETRPC II Ordered ;D (23)

by ETR @ 13.05.07 (16:37)


Total: €645,18


5-6-7 (11)

by marrk @ 06.05.07 (20:54)

6th may of 2007. For most this was a normal day. Only a small part of the warsow community, let alone the world, knows about the turbulence this day has presented. To protect the privacy of everyone involved, the names have been replaced with fictitious names.

It all started fairly laid back. Maybe because of the weather… maybe because of the fact that it is a sunday. However, the peace was abruptly disturbed with the occurence of one – what at first sight appears to be a small clan-transfer – by snepcase from Square Arranges to Team Zissau.
snepcase and billeman joined Team Zissau, who had to make up for the loss of k1o, who was kicked from the clan for unclear reasons.

(log from #team-zissau)
* ATR\\\\\\\\\\\\ sets mode: +oo billemann snepcase

The consequences of this would spread around quickly. First of all, in #sawar (squarearranges’ private chan), Zufo and Narrk asked snepcase why he joined Zissau before informing the rest of SA.

This happened in a way that got quickly out of hand and hence snepcase was kicked. Luckily he could fall back to Zissau. However, the fact that this happened, led to a discussion between enl, narrk and Zufo, which for still unsure reasons led to enl parting #sawar. enl wasn’t happy the way zufo and narrk expressed their feelings towards how snepcase handled.

(log from #sawar)
* L sets mode: +o enl
* enl was kicked by enl (!)

However, at around the same time, ton went loco on snepcase in #team-zissau. He couldn’t agree with letting snepcase join the lineup. In his opinion, Team Zissau is more of a group of friends then a clan.

<tonzissau> wait what
<tonzissau> snepcase is in zissau?
* tonzissau sets mode: +b *!*
* snepcase was kicked by tonzissau (snepcase)
* tonzissou has left #team-zissau

narrk, who has been called the coach of Team Zissau, tried to be witty about all that happened, which led to ATR banning narrk.

<narrk> i say that this clanhopping isn’t the way ppl should behave
<narrk> i agree to your choice tho
<narrk> but the way you did it isn’t good
<ZISSAUATR> narrkemo
* ZISSAUATR sets mode: +v Zufo
<narrk> so I’m making you run 500 laps around wdm1
<narrk> good?
<narrk> GO!
* ZISSAUATR sets mode: +b *!*
* You were kicked by ZISSAUATR (rofl ;))

At that same moment, there was a hefty discussion in #sawar about the same kind of problem. Some stated that it was not clear what Square Arranges actually was. Was it more of a clan, or more of a place to hang out with fellow Warsow Players?

In #team-zissau, narrk was unbanned by ton, who kicked both snepcase and bille, the two who would supposedly have joined to replase k1o. To demonstrate the fact that Zissau is more of a friends group than a clan he opped narrk, who has been a longtime visitor of the chan and who attended the latest clan meeting.

It all cooled down when ton decided to play for Team Zissau in the cup, so their lineup is complete again. For Square Arranges however, outlooks aren’t that good. Not everyone has had the time to comment on what happened, so the future is unsure.
This led to some magnificent Topics in #squarearranges

[20:46] * Zufo changes topic to ‘Square Arranges :: Thought of the day: Can a clan that doesn’t exist have existential problems?’


by raelz @ 05.05.07 (23:25)

Imagine a gorilla with a tv on its head. Imagine that the gorilla is trying to destroy all humans. Sounds scary, doesn’t it!
Without further info – Check this out.
Best movie evar, I swear

To spoil u more =)
(00:18:45) (@raelz)
(00:18:51) (@raelz)
(00:18:58) (@V-DecK) lol
(00:19:11) (@raelz) its a MUST HAVE MOVIE
(00:19:11) (@raelz) 😀
(00:19:53) (|17|Patrol|) AHAAHAHAHAHAHAH
(00:19:56) (|17|Patrol|) THE SAMPLE PROVES IT! 😀
(00:19:57) (|17|Patrol|) omg
(00:19:59) (|17|Patrol|) the music
(00:20:03) (|17|Patrol|) THE MUSIC!!! 😀

If you’re interested, pm me on irc ill give you rapidshare links to the movie 😀