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Today (1/05)… (14)

by Icaros @ 30.04.07 (23:33)

is probably my last day with inet! I am going to change this shitty isp and have another adsl line installed . If i am lucky i will stay off line for about a week! If not ( in Greece there is no such thing as luck when it comes to adsl) i will stay much more! So i am sad cause FC will be out this week ( i know sounds like a joke but its true) and 0.3 soon! You all gonna play 0.3 and learn new maps + new things and when i get back i will play like a nub and get owned!!! Another thing that worries me is the ping with my new connection! Again if i am lucky not to be in an overbooked dslam it is going to be 70ms in .de servers!!!!

GOD (a.k.a SNP) PLZ dont let my new connection sux and plz i want to have inet soon! Before last group match/playoff in tdm oc starts! πŸ™

ps: i am going to watch fc-final_beta.xvid-LQ(350kbps) πŸ™„ πŸ™„ πŸ™„ πŸ™„

A .3 version came onto my harddisk today (7)

by zkyp @ (8:47)

…And it rocks! I’ve been playing a few duels but I just can’t leave it. It tries to take me back everytime i /quit.

I went out there, tried some UT and CS:S. I played with those toys but then it just called me back. I started the game and just ran around a few times. The strangest bit is, I stopped a few weeks ago leaving me only with UT. It plays just as smooth but it’s just not like it. I can’t have them on the same harddrive together, they go nuts! I posted some pics with my crappy ingame-screenshotmaker:

What should I do? It’s still fun and I want to play when I’m not around my PC.

EDIT: 0.3 ownz, I just have to play it.

A cat came into my garden today (14)

by MysTikal @ 25.04.07 (16:42)

… and isnt leaving. She is my neighbours’ cat. She has just come into my garden before I left this morning, and she hasnt left since. She keeps trying to come into my house whenever I open the door.

I went out there with some food and some toys. She played with the toys, ate some food, then came over to me. She pushed herself against my legs, started purring, so I stroked her and picked her up. The strangest bit is, my 1st cat died a few weeks ago, leaving me with only 1 left (a tomcat called pebbles). She looks and acts exactly like him. I can’t let her in my house because my other cat will probably go crazy at her. Took some pics with a crappy cameraphone:

What should I do? She isnt leaving and keeps miaowing when she can’t see me.

EDIT: Her owner has just come over, she got the cat and took it back. πŸ™‚


by hls @ 24.04.07 (11:30)

Ye hi it’s my first post here :<

fkin polish (c) zkyp

kankernoobster zkyperfucker (c) hellbjatch ;v

Llama (3)

by Llama @ 22.04.07 (7:41)

Him: Are you gay?
Me: No man why would you ask that!?
Him: So by no do you mean yes
Me: I’m not answering that…
Him: So you are gay.
Me: No!
Him: k…so you are gay
Me: by no I mean no
Him: I know you mean yes
Me: Fuck you
Him: What If I like to be on top?
Me: God…
Him: You know we have so much in common….

Later I learned he got it off this WC3 thing in google video (or you tube)

Llama (4)

by Llama @ (7:31)

Hi I’m new to this blog, infact I’m new altogether. some may know me as heetlar, some as aSCARYlama, some HumbleLama. so basically, hi =)

Spoilsport (6)

by zkyp @ 20.04.07 (23:15)

(00:14:25) (@tomzissou) ye?
(00:14:36) (+marrk`laptop) ye
(00:14:51) (@tomzissou) ye
(00:15:00) (@zkyp) ye
(00:15:10) (@mikey[bms]) .

snp is chasing his dreams! (7)

by Icaros @ 16.04.07 (0:12)

zkipofzsu: so snP.
zkipofzsu: WHEN
gr8|snoopy: omg
zkipofzsu: ??????????????????????????????????????
gr8|snoopy: next week ?:p
zkipofzsu: 😐
zkipofzsu: dont play me like a hoer
zkipofzsu: i want to know when the greatest movie of alltimes is done!
gr8|snoopy: ah so you’re talking about my amateur porn movie
zkipofzsu: no no, i’ve seen them
zkipofzsu: they suck :/
zkipofzsu: suck as much as frn
zkipofzsu : 😐
gr8|snoopy: it should be out as soon as i find some decent chick to co-star
gr8|snoopy: :O
* zkipofzsu is now known as krazygirl1989
krazygirl1989: hi πŸ™‚
gr8|snoopy: interested to be a hollywood actress babe ?
krazygirl1989: Oh… Yeah!! πŸ™‚
gr8|snoopy: =P
krazygirl1989: When do I start, baby?
gr8|snoopy: well right away, just frop tha beautifull tank top and bend over
gr8|snoopy: :PP
gr8|frn: gr8|lweebo
gr8|snoopy: anyways im dead tired
gr8|snoopy: off to my sweet bed
gr8|snoopy: nn dudes
krazygirl1989: no sleep
krazygirl1989: fucking
krazygirl1989: FINISH THAT MOVIE
krazygirl1989: CUNT
* krazygirl1989 is now known as zkypofzsu

Not nationcup, warsow! (4)

by zkyp @ 15.04.07 (18:45)

(19:42:18) ΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ’β‚¬ΒΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ‚ΒΊ join: (UKESN|K0Li0) (
(19:42:30) (UKESN|K0Li0) lets go ?
(19:42:33) (UKESN|K0Li0) TDM 4o4 now
(19:42:58) (@tomzissou) im here
(19:43:03) (@tomzissou) wheres etter
(19:43:09) (@tomzissou) zkipofzsu
(19:43:27) (UKESN|K0Li0) well tom
(19:43:29) (UKESN|K0Li0) not nationscup
(19:43:31) (UKESN|K0Li0) Warsow πŸ™‚

another so-funny-you-can’t-breathe zissou log (9)

by tom @ 14.04.07 (11:07)

[11:01] * ETR is now known as etteraway