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Bamboocha needs your love. (4)

by mikey @ 23.02.07 (12:36)

Hey there.

As you saw on (or not) Bamboocha Cups break till warsow v0.3.
We just want to get some feedback from the Community.

What was good, what was bad?
What would you like to see if we launch again? (beside wswtv ;))
How can we improve?

answer here or (prefered) @

Feel free to criticize or just say some cool words!

In the meanwhile, stay bamboocha! 🙂


0.3 Interview coming soon! (9)

by ETR @ 18.02.07 (15:53)

[15:35][soh-lokirulez] ettor: check
[15:39][soh-lokirulez] i count 41 questions
[15:39][soh-lokirulez] have fun and i hope nip comes online soon :p

Yep that’s right! Warsownews‘ very own lokirulez has finally spent enough time on the interview that will bore me and nip to death! FORTY-ONE questions to be answered, with warsownews’ pimp demanding atleast half a page per answer. This will be one fat bible you’ll have to work through, and I’m sure that with the small amount of editting and censorship we’re used to from warsownews the datatransfer of the website will rocket skyhigh too :P.

No but seriously, keep an eye on warsownews for finally some official leaking of features, changes, tweaks and additions, just before 0.3 hits! Consider this a warm-up :P.

*update: INTERVIEW!*

Myst…myst….mystikal :( (4)

by zkyp @ 17.02.07 (18:31)

(17:12:08) (GreenBastard) another suggestion … /cv shorthand cvar for callvote
(18:04:53) (aGu`MysTikal) wtf is /cv shorthand

You make me sad :(, but seeing this is Lovesow, I LOVE YOU!

I lovesow you (1)

by tom @ 14.02.07 (20:43)

i dropped a tear in the ocean today. when they find it i will stop lovesowing you

Warsow on the road ;P (9)

by Wildkater @ 13.02.07 (23:18)

Backside from my car ^^

Warsow Back
(thx @ PhotoImpact)

philosophical marrk (5)

by dezej @ 12.02.07 (23:50)

[23:47] [marrk] over de verlichting en de hemel op aarde zoals god hem heeft gewild en bedoeld
[23:47] [marrk]en ik help jullie… jullie zitten tot je knieën in de modder
[23:47] [marrk] en ik op een rots
[23:47] [marrk] en ik kijk neer op die modder
[23:47] [marrk] maar god heeft plannen
[23:47] [marrk] met jullie ook
[23:48] [marrk] jullie zitten nu lekker te IRC-en
[23:48] [jemoeder] ja man
[23:48] [jemoeder] ik rook ook jonko

After all these months, (2)

by zkyp @ (19:46)

He finally understands.

(19:12:57) (@marrk) you’re high aren’t you?
(19:13:00) (@marrk) i need someone low man 🙁
(19:13:01) (@LockdoG`) rofl
(19:13:03) (@LockdoG`) ^^^
(19:13:06) (@LockdoG`) im lower than low
(19:13:06) (@LockdoG`) ^^

sailing to holland (6)

by tom @ (17:17)

A way of life! (4)

by zkyp @ 11.02.07 (14:36)

(14:33:36) —› join: (HFD|PiLLEMANN) (
(14:33:53) —› nick: (ZISSOUZKYP) is now known as ([ZiSSoU]zkyp)
(14:34:03) —› nick: (ZISSOUETR) is now known as (ZisSoIaN)
(14:34:34) —› nick: (ZisSoIaN) is now known as (SIZZOU\\ETR)
(14:34:42) —› nick: (tomzissou) is now known as ({ZiSSoU}t0m)
(14:34:48) (HFD|PiLLEMANN) lo
(14:34:58) —› nick: (SIZZOU\\ETR) is now known as (ZiSSOU][ETR)
(14:35:02) (HFD|PiLLEMANN) wtf is zissou?
(14:35:03) —› nick: ([ZiSSoU]zkyp) is now known as ([zS]zkyp)
(14:35:17) (@ZiSSOU][ETR) zissou is a way of life
(14:35:19) —› nick: ([zS]zkyp) is now known as ([Zissou^zkyp])
(14:35:23) (HFD|PiLLEMANN) aaahhh
(14:35:38) —› nick: (ZiSSOU][ETR) is now known as ([zissou^3TR])

Pudzianek (5)

by V!ct!M @ 10.02.07 (21:48)

World’s Strongest Man also plays WarSow 😉