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Celebrating Fragbucket’s release (7)

by ETR @ 27.01.07 (15:27)

By pimping ETR frags! But no really, as read on, has been released, and it sports a Warsow Group for all Warsow related video spam! So start upping your avi’d demos, individual frags, fragmovies, trickmovies, anything!
Check out the collection of movies we currently have! And make sure you join the group when signed up! The embed function works pretty nice! 😀

25th Bamboocha Cup advertising! (3)

by mikey @ (15:04)

As ETR wanted

@ lovesow
so here it is!!

sign up @ for some Duel Fun on Sunday 5pm!
videostream by own3d and shoutcast by BRUNSinator will be there too 🙂

So spread all your lovesow-love on bamboocha!

Warsow Tower’s Efforts Payed Off! (5)

by ETR @ 24.01.07 (13:28)

Cause we got nice screenies now, made by Goochie! 😀

It wasn’t quite as smooth as it could have been (iirc we had like 3 proper tries atleast, with towers breaking down all the time, and one proper servercrash ;D). Reminders for next time: cl_maxpackets 30 and rate 3000. Oh yeah, and some way to mute everyone would be nice too :P. I’m not sure on the amount of people we got up finally, but I guess it was around 40. Anyway, enjoy the screens!

Raceathon, Warsow-Tower! (3)

by ETR @ 17.01.07 (8:01)

Lots happening in warsowia! Check it out!

[TONIGHT @ 19/20CET Warsow Tower! Join @ #warsow.tower]

ETR wins :P (7)

by ETR @ 12.01.07 (17:12)

ETR Wins 😛
  1. First lovesowian to post a pic wearing the shirt gets a email account =P

Demo DVD (11)

by DJiTH @ 11.01.07 (21:59)

When I tried to move some e-mails around, my server returned the very unexpected message that the disk was full. I was of course utterly shocked by this, so I went to look for the culprit. The server-side demo recording limit being somewhat broken resulted in about 15GB of demos in my server, eating up all the disk space meant for my e-mails. Yes, 15GB of demos. I decided to move and pack them and guess what? The whole load compressed totals up to about 4GB, which means the whole demo archive will fit into one DVD.

So, if your name is Lockdog and you want to learn how to play this game, you may order a DVD with all demos from my servers for only € 5,-. (Also applicable if your name is AgamemnonZ and you want to learn a game other than eboltsow, so you can win some matches in 0.3 by using brain. Or if your name is different and you want to send me some money to support my servers – you’ll get the DVD for free ;-]). Just contact me!

First post here btw.

Building some Towers… (21)

by nealz @ 07.01.07 (20:36)

Saturday, 05:30 CET. Few of the most craaaazy warsownians meeton the only crowded server (in this early morning’s hour) to showtheir alternativity. Not as usual – to kick each others asses – just to be peaceful and build some architecturally masterworks noone’s ever seen before.

And though sometimes being annoyed by destructive non-lovesownians they managed to construct these huge sculptures! : oF


See comments for participants.

Devteam does, but Bruns doesnt :( (4)

by raelz @ 05.01.07 (23:35)

«23:27:46» {raelz} peace
«23:27:48» {raelz} and love
«23:27:49» {GoT^x1N} and not even a real word
«23:27:50» {raelz} and lovesow
«23:27:51» {GoT^x1N} ….
«23:27:59» {raelz} we love you brother
«23:28:04» {+PiC|BRUNS7`} fucking hate lovesow
«23:28:06» {+PiC|BRUNS7`} i just dont get it
«23:28:10» {GoT^x1N} wtf is lovesow OO
«23:28:16» « nick » {UKESN`on|micros} is now known as {UKESN`off|MICRO}
«23:28:21» {+PiC|BRUNS7`} pile of crap that does nothing for anyone
«23:28:44» {GoT^x1N} to high englisch for me ;S
«23:28:56» {+PiC|BRUNS7`} apart from letting certain warsow’rs post crap other people don’t care about APART FROM the others who enjoy posting crap which gives them another reason to post their own crap
«23:28:58» {+PiC|BRUNS7`} WASTERS
«23:29:00» « nick » {PiC|BRUNS7`} is now known as {PiC|BRUNS`off}

Warsow devteam understands the love (5)

by ETR @ 04.01.07 (15:05)

(14:58:11) (@zyfoo) I thought you meant etrs shower window 😮
(14:59:35) (@komodododo) i climb in there every night
(14:59:37) (@ETR) it’s unwindowed
(14:59:37) (@komodododo) use his shower
(14:59:39) (@komodododo) and vacate
(15:00:34) (@ETR) haha
(15:00:36) (@ETR) ask dezej
(15:00:38) (@ETR) about my shower
(15:00:40) (@ETR) HE KNOWZZZ
(15:00:47) (@ETR) he told me it’s like a tropical
(15:00:49) (@ETR) waterfall?
(15:00:59) (@ETR) (is that a word)
(15:01:45) (@komodododo) yeah
(15:01:46) (@komodododo) : D
(15:01:49) (@Aiwa) hah… when I read waterfall I immediately thought about female ejaculation… weird
(15:01:54) (@komodododo) haha
(15:01:56) (@ETR) jesus man :p
(15:02:06) (@nip) ha
(15:02:07) (@nip) wt : )
(15:02:09) (@ETR) that _is_ weird
(15:02:31) (@nip) I guess aiwa likes it nasty 🙂
(15:02:37) (@Aiwa) fapfpapfapfapfapfapfap
(15:02:43) (@ETR) +1 on the selfreflexivity tho
(15:02:51) (@ETR) change starts there.
(15:02:57) (@fnatic\alba7or) [15:01:23] [@Aiwa]: hah… when I read waterfall I immediately thought about female ejaculation… weird
(15:02:58) (@fnatic\alba7or) samE.
(15:03:42) (@komodododo) bunch o perverts
(15:03:52) (@komodododo) community should be proud

Where is the Love? (6)

by mikey @ 02.01.07 (12:04)

Love? :(