0.3 Interview coming soon!

by ETR @ 18.02.07 (15:53)

[15:35][soh-lokirulez] ettor: check etr@lovesow.net
[15:39][soh-lokirulez] i count 41 questions
[15:39][soh-lokirulez] have fun and i hope nip comes online soon :p

Yep that’s right! Warsownews‘ very own lokirulez has finally spent enough time on the interview that will bore me and nip to death! FORTY-ONE questions to be answered, with warsownews’ pimp demanding atleast half a page per answer. This will be one fat bible you’ll have to work through, and I’m sure that with the small amount of editting and censorship we’re used to from warsownews the datatransfer of the website will rocket skyhigh too :P.

No but seriously, keep an eye on warsownews for finally some official leaking of features, changes, tweaks and additions, just before 0.3 hits! Consider this a warm-up :P.

*update: INTERVIEW!*


  1. T-B0N3:


  2. jo:

    send some images of new graphics stuff to =)

  3. zkyp:

    0.3 sucxlol.

  4. He4rT:

    Yeah, need some screenshots :DD

  5. ETR:

    Good call, I’ll see what we can bring 🙂

  6. lokirulez:

    And if you don’t bring them, I sure will do. 🙂

    [10:48] damn your questions!
    [10:49] like 100000 questions : D
    [10:49] has etr replied yet loki?

    As usual nip tries to steal your answers to reduce his work and to make more test for 0.3. Nice fella he is.

  7. hangy:

    The links to warsownews.net don’t really work. 😛

  8. ETR:

    true & fixed ;D

  9. Trib:

    great , can’t wait what 0.3 has for ctf this time 🙂 and nice job with the webby 🙂

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