Warsow NL LAN Attendance List (8)

by ETR @ 02.10.10 (15:42)

zkyp took up the effort to organise another Warsow NL LAN in Den Haag, the Netherlands. What we have so far is a location (some hackerspace in Den Haag). What we’re waiting for is a proper attendance list of all Warsowians who want to come. We decided on a date for the LAN late november.

Some additional information can be found in the forums. And for the heck of it, here’s what zkyp said:

As I said before, the idea was to be more of a hang-out, chillax get-together while playing some warsow. Our idea was to get a few pc’s to play on and share them with the rest. Since this is kinda a low-budget (read: no-budget smile), community-powered, hippy party, we’re going to have to make the most of it. So, I’ll need some questions answered.

– How many PC’s do you think we’ll need for 20 people?
– When? End Nov sounded good for most, let’s pick some dates. 20-21 or 27-28? Another date? Comment!
– Questions, remarks, trolling? Now is the time!

This post is intended to gather an attendance list of people who want to come. So please register an account if you haven’t already, and RSVP to our event.

DATE: 27-28 NOVEMBER 2010


Lovesow Bomb League (1)

by h1o @ 17.03.10 (21:57)

The Lovesow Bomb League (LBL) needs your help!
More info here


WarsowTV reinvented (0)

by ETR @ 14.02.10 (21:37)

Send your demos! (0)

by ETR @ 12.02.10 (22:11)

Valentine’s day (2)

by dendrofil @ 09.02.10 (14:01)

Dear miss §, you kept my mind from expensive consoles and stupid reality shooters since the day I met you. Sometimes your acting wierd when your hormoes purposeless rush back and forth in your upscaled veins. Sometimes it feels like your sleeping more then your awake. But even then, in those dark times I promise to forever hold you dear, care for you and wait by your side until you stand up again. New temptations, such as the newly selected and at first so tempting Queen could not even get her clothes off before I came turned to you again. Besides, later it turned out that she was even more corrupt then her mother.

Yours faithfully.

#Lovesow pickup cup vote (7)

by h1o @ 08.02.10 (17:19)

Hello fans and friends of the Warsow culture,

After the great succes of my bomb pickup cup last Sunday, I am putting up the vote for the new one. I will announce the date as soon as I know it myself. I hope this pickup cup will be as great a succes as the last one! See you soon.

What gametype should I use for my next pickup cup?

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Holy Sign-up List, Batman! (4)

by goochie @ 07.02.10 (16:00)

Lovesow got restyled! (2)

by ETR @ 21.01.10 (1:55)

As if you haven’t noticed! 😛

It’s supposed to be a bit cleaner and sleeker – no more messy sidebar, and I’m especially happy with the static menubar, which makes it easier for all to do what Lovesow is intended for: WRITE POSTS. Before you had to enter the admin menu after finding it in the sidebar etc etc. Now you just register/login and press the Write Post option! Har har. Happy posting :p

Next Lovesow Pickup Cup: Gametype Vote (11)

by h1o @ 18.01.10 (0:54)

Vote here for what gametype you would like to see in the next pickup cup!
The date for the new PUG cup will be announced soon.

Lovesow Cup #3

  • Bomb (46%, 31 Votes)
  • TDM (27%, 18 Votes)
  • CTF: Tactics (9%, 6 Votes)
  • CTF (9%, 6 Votes)
  • King of the Hill (9%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 67

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Lovesow cups where!? (0)

by ETR @ 08.01.10 (22:05)

Looking for h1o’s cups?

Go to http://cup.lovesow.net/