I am back!

by ETR @ 10.08.09 (15:31)

As you might have noticed, I am back home from our 5 months trip through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore and Australia (for the record: I went with my girlfriend, and YES, we’re still together :p)!

It’s been a great time which I have to recommend to everyone, like all travellers are supposed to. Now that I’m getting settled back in a bit, expect me back on Warsow soon (hoping that uni will give me enough freetime).

Now for the media, I know you Warsowians are the visual types, you need some screenies and we’ve seen too much to write a proper short impression so here’s an outtake of some of the pics to give you an idea on the visual style of these countries (if you want some more, head to our blog):

Laos (near Luang Prabang)Vietnam - Sapa marketVietnam - Halong BayVietnam - Train to SapaVietnam - Marble Mountains near DanangVietnam - Nha Trang beachVietnam - Mountain near DalatVietnam - Ho Chi Minh CityVietnam - Random food stallLaos - VientianeMotobike ridingCambodia - Angkor WatLaos - BikingLaos - Waterfall near PakseLaos - Sunset Luang PrabangThailand - Riding near PaiThailand - Biking in AyuthayaThailand - Millions of fruitbats leaving their cavesThailand - ETR wearing a fasionable gekkoThailand - mini-ETR in Bangkok

Want demo’s? Got those too (5):

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  1. o1h:

    ^_^ leuk dat je er weer bent dtje

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